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Friday, December 1, 2023

Tips for Saving Money on Holidays Abroad


Some people may give up their intention of going on holiday and fear spending a lot of money. In fact, you can use various strategies so that your holiday abroad can be economical but also enjoyable.

One way is to order low-cost plane tickets using Lion Air on Traveloka, which provides affordable prices. Not only that, you can also plan many things starting from determining accommodation and tourist destinations.

This way, you can still gain new experiences and experience living abroad for a while at an affordable price. Here are some tips you can use to save money when deciding to go on holiday abroad.

How to Save Money for a Holiday Budget Abroad?

1. Choose a Low-Cost Airline

Many low-cost airlines with cheap prices but the quality is not cheap, that is, you will still be comfortable. There's no harm in trying, especially if you're only flying short distances for a few hours.

One low-cost airline that could be an option is Scoot, which is part of the Singapore Airlines Group. The airline provides several extra services including free blankets for flights longer than four hours. 

Even for flights to Jeddah with Scoot, you will enjoy an additional snack package during the trip. Plus unlimited water and an additional 5 kg of Zamzam water which can be used as a souvenir.

2. Book Plane Tickets Well in Advance

For those of you who already have holiday plans, you should order tickets well before departure. You can choose the seat you want at an affordable price because other passengers are still rare. Even if you are lucky, you can get promo prices or discounts by always monitoring ticket price changes.

Then, if you already have a definite date for returning home, it's best to book round-trip tickets at once. Usually this method will give you a decent discount, for example when ordering tickets on Traveloka.

3. Determine Accommodations

Accommodation really determines your holiday budget because you have to stay several days during your holiday abroad. Thus choosing accommodation is very important to reduce the holiday budget so that it can be cheaper.

Choose simple but still comfortable accommodation, such as a capsule hotel or hostel. Another option is to choose accommodation that is far from the city center for more affordable accommodation. That way, you can allocate accommodation funds for other purposes, such as tourist or culinary entrance tickets.

4. Determine Your Tourist Destination

Before going on holiday, make sure you make a travel plan or itinerary that contains a daily itinerary. An itinerary will help you manage your time during your holiday so you can not waste time.

When making an itinerary, of course, you have to find information first about the places you are going to. If you want a cheap holiday, you can choose affordable tourist destinations, or even some of them are free.

For example, by visiting museums, natural attractions, or public spaces, which usually offer cheap prices. You can also monitor attraction ticket prices on Traveloka because occasionally, there will be discounts or promotions. Apart from that, you also have to consider the distance between one tourist destination. 

5. Create an Expenditure Budget

During the holidays, you may have difficulty determining your budget because there may be sudden needs. Plus, different currency values sometimes make you think several times when you have to spend money.

Therefore, you can work around this by making a spending budget before going on holiday. You can determine this spending budget based on several categories, such as eating and shopping. That way, stop yourself from suddenly wanting something and make sure you have enough money to go home.


That's a review of how to go on a cheap holiday abroad. You can immediately plan a vacation, such as a country with a different climate for a new experience. Take the Kuala Lumpur to Tokyo flight by ordering tickets on Traveloka and several holiday needs all in one application. 


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